Ai meets Blockchain

GraphGrail Ai – is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain built on top of Natural Language Understanding technology with the DApps marketplace

Key problems we solve

Tesla learns from cameras and GPS. In natural language all the data can be labeled by people only

Not enough datasets

What is the key problem in data-science and text mining? There simply aren't enough datasets with seven figure sample sizes (from thousand to million samples) to teach neural networks in many industries, including banking, telecom, media and government agencies. Even if the business does have such datasets, using machine learning to gather, clean and make training and test sets is extremely difficult and time consuming even for skilled data scientists. Training such as this can take between 5 and 10 months for a normal sized dataset, and even though we use neural networks and Deep Learning frameworks to simplify the task, it is a one time solution - every step must be repeated over and over again to keep your linguistic models up to date. That's why business truly needs GraphGrail AI.


Smart contracts are not so "smart" as they could be


Smart contracts risks

Smart contracts, by their nature, are able to run algorithmic calculations and store and retrieve data. Oracles fill this void by watching the blockchain (Ethereum, EOS, Bitshares) for events and responding to them by publishing the results of a query back to the contract. In this way, contracts can interact with the off-chain world. This introduces obvious trust problems. Another complex problem is to prove that smart contract conditions are executed in real world. Smart contracts can easily check the amount of a bank account, but real-world conditions like weather changes, companies' buy-sell events, political or legal decisions, contract details and force majeur events are much more complex. This is where GraphGrail AI comes in. Read more


How it works


Full stack data analysis solution

GraphGrail AI is an all in one, full cycle solution. It offers all necessary data preparation tasks, including text parsing, cleaning, our AI designer for building linguistic models, testing facilities, machine learning and neural network tuning, and a decentralized app marketplace to make money with the platform. You will not need any other service.



High costs. You must gather, process and analyze the data by hand.

Product development

With GraphGrail Ai

An easy, hassle-free service with self-learning capabilities: continuous innovation.

Case: smart-contracts

With GraphGrail AI, you can lower risks of implementing smart contacts in you business. Our technology offers convenient stack, including a data oracle, a trust gate to real-world data including social networks (Steemit,, etc.), Wikipedia, and news resources. The smart contract can check conditions automatically, detecting weather changes, force-majeur circumstances or political risks, adding real agility to the smart contracts industry.



Big risks if something goes wrong: for example, the business may suffer from a legal issue and cannot execute an agreement upon smart contract - even though the contract is the code.


With GraphGrail Ai

You can avoid the risk: our service can prove that some valuable data in real world has changed, letting you either make a new contract or exploit the existing one in your favor.


Реклама концертов в социальных сетях

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О компании

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