Artificial intelligence? Nothing's easier:

Create your digital avatar-based chatbot

An intelligent chatbot that speaks like a human: empathic, proactive and consistent. Now you can create a clone of yourself, a celebrity or an animated character – and have a live talk with them. Conversational skills for robots and media industry

AI Tweaking for a Variety of Solutions

Business is tired of stupid chatbots. Take your customer relations to the next level by introducing our chatbots with emotional skills and styles. Our chatbots are completely generative: neural networks generate chatbot answers. That's why it is interesting to talk to them.

  • For Business

    Do you own rights for animated characters or celebrity image? We'll help you create a virtual avatar of your character, boost sales, and unleash views of films, animations and other content due to release of gaming applications for Android, and iPhone.

  • For All

    Do you want to talk to yourself, your girlfriend, or a relative of yours? We'll create a digital clone of a person for you, whether it's your family member, your friend or your employee. You can talk with our demo bot in Telegram (EN) – start with the greeting and talk about anything you want: Demo bot

  • For Robots

    A solution designed for humanoid and exhibition robots: we'll empower your robots with conversational skills, styles and best components to build dialogue assistants. You can create an avatar bot imitating Musk, Einstein, or Jennifer Lopez.


Artificial Intelligence as a Sales Assistant

NEW 2020! Text-based games: we'll create a fully generative game similar to the smashing Ai Dungeon. A gamer is immerged in the world of fantasy or sci-fi, travels and interacts with the characters – with the events evolving without a pre-defined script (as it used to be before 2020).

Gaming industry: create an avatar of Tom Cat or Lion King in the form of Android application. Talk to the character – it's so much cooler than Talking Tom (100+ million downloads).

Fashion brands: use the bot to recommend fashionable and stylish clothes in the manner Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld used to do.

Car brands: use the image of Henry Ford in your advertisement and Henry Ford bot in your website to book test drives and improve car sales.

Education: use Einstein bot to engage your kids in learning STEM subjects – the bot will answer the questions and offer textbooks to read.

Goods for children: the friendly Teddy bear bot will tell a fairy tale, and filter inappropriate questions in the voice assistant, including obscenities and forbidden topics.


Easy-to-Integrate in your Service

Out-of-the-box and customized dialogue solutions designed to automate processes in any industry. Can be integrated in messengers and websites. Virtual assistants with embedded set of skills are easy to customize and quick to integrate. We provide API to enable quick connectivity to any form factors and smart speakers

Ai skills AvatarMachine Applications


We use state-of-the-art Transformer neural networks: GPT2, GPT3, BERT, T5, ruGPT3, XLnet, etc.

NLU Engine. Proprietary learning NLU module designed to recognize intents, essences, toxic, emotions. A dialogue manager, fully manageable generation of the logical discourse (EN, RU).

Ai skill

NLU style

Request API

Trigger TensorFlow

Trigger Spacy

Trigger Transformers

Launch Pytorch(ready)

Distribute to Google Play (coming soon)

Trigger webhook

Pricing: Choose the Option that Suits you Best


Simple Bot

from $2 k +$200 per month
For small businesses


  • 5 topics for questions
  • Answer templates
  • Intent recognition
  • Integration in the website
  • Conversation statistics
  • Turnkey: from 10 days
For established

Emotional Bot

from $5 k +$600 per month
For startups and large businesses


  • 3 emotions (skills)
  • Intelligent switching between emotions
  • Has a sense of humor
  • Can be angry
  • Understands questions about itself
  • Recommends goods
  • Negotiates the deal
  • The neural network learns continuously
  • Can update skills
  • Turnkey: from 15 days

Character Avatar

from $12 k +$1k per mon.
For powerful branding or complex cases


  • 12 emotions (skills)
  • Knows how to be compassionate
  • Can give credit for a reason
  • Reacts to the mood of a person it talks to
  • Has identity: simulates human character
  • Raises complicated questions
  • Answers a la a celebrity
  • Answers a la a character
  • Smart context switching
  • Answers the questions about itself
  • Natively recommends services
  • Remembers customer's answers
  • The neural network learns continuously
  • Turnkey: from 30 days

Intelligent capabilities

With over 5 years of NLU experience, we are able to provide full range of data and neural network services.

  • Intelligence

    The neural network provides unrivaled quality of free dialogues.

  • NER

    Recognition of general and professional proper names (of people, companies).

  • Small Talk

    The bot is proactive: it not only answers, but also maintains the conversation on abstract topics.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Identifies user emotions and responds to them with specific remarks.

  • Ai skills

    Emotional skills that are customized to the customer's industry. A possibility to train the skills with certain dialogues.

  • Ai styles

    Neural network styles: a proprietary development underlying the bot's capability to simulate language and semantics of a certain person.

  • Persona bots

    An avatar bot of a real person, with a possibility to teach the bot through the dialogues downloaded from a messenger.

  • Full cycle

    We offer a complete data cycle: from upload, clearing, standardizing, augmenting, neural network learning, up to tuning and integrating.

News and Events

We are conference speakers and active participants of AI&ML events.

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Bots are constantly improving due to re-learning new data


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